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Project “Therapy Without Crying for children with special needs”

You are invited to participate in the Project “Therapy Without Crying for children with special needs” Organized by “Child potential development – Children’s rehabilitation office ” and Foundation “For Our Future”

We all are familiar with specialists’ statements such as: “Let the child cry now (during therapy sessions) to feel better”; as well as parents’ statements such as “It is for the child’s own good, let the child cry” Such statements prompt serious debates within the community of the parents of children with special needs as well as within the medical and non-medical specialists providing therapy for children with special needs.

The harsh approach of “by-any-means-at-specific-time” does not contribute effectively in attaining quality of therapeutic procedures. Alternately, the quality of therapeutic procedures can be achieved by establishing discipline with the children during therapy treatments through persistence, purposeful efforts as well as building up and maintaining habits. Highest positive physical and psychological long terms results from therapy treatment is achievable when the child is calm and fully concentrated on the actual movements and skills they learn.

We fully acknowledge the time limitations pressure of the therapeutic sessions and treatments affecting the therapists who are dedicate fully on helping and supporting the child. If the child continually cries during all the therapeutic procedures it is paramount to find the source of the problem and the reasons which prompt the child’s persistent crying. However, the key for improving the quality of life of both of the child and the child’s family is to establish whether the therapy process should continue on the expense of the crying child.

If you believe that, in order to achieve long-term positive and effective therapy results for the children with special needs, the therapy treatments must be conducted with great attention and with individually tailored approach to ensure as little crying as possible during treatment please take part in our project.


Please send us a video recording or video and audio presentation and tell us about your personal opinions and experiences when your child with special needs cried during therapeutic procedures and treatments and in what way this affected your child and their development.

If you are a medical or non-medical Specialist, please share your professional points of view and professional experiences throughout your career and support them with relevant academic theories, researches as well as professional expertise.

If you are a Parent, please share with us your personal story and journey, your own opinions and views. You can add academic researches and literature you consider associated with your own experience.

Rules of participation:

– The video recordings must be created starting with brief personal introduction;

– Presentations must capture your audio and video presenting;

– The video recording and the presentation must not exceed 10 minutes of length;

– The video recording and the presentation can be submitted to email address:conference@znb.bg

To participate as a speaker, you must register using the form below.

Your participation is free and without payment!

 The deadline for submitting of video recordings and presentations is August 30, 2023 .

The participation in the project is available and opened for parents and medical and non-medical specialists from across the country as well as from abroad. (The video and audio recordings and presentations sent to us in different from Bulgarian language will be translated by certified translator and the subtitles will be added to the presentation.)

In order to reach out and connect to wider audiences, all video and audio recordings submitted for the Project purposes will be brought together in a documentary and a trailer for the film will be created.


Upon entering the Project as Participant you are agreeing on the video and audio recordings and Presentations to be broadcasted, published and posted in social media platforms, video and media channels and editions, websites and other platforms and channels and shared with other parties; to be edited and/or modified and improved with other special effect features in order to improve the visual characteristics and attractiveness of the documentary they will be part of.

Make your registration now! Send us the materials for publication by August 30, 2023.

Once you have made your registration, you will receive a confirmation email and a privacy statement that you must complete and send to us.

The project is implemented jointly by the “Child potential development – Children’s rehabilitation office ” https://www.spasovkinezi.com/ and the “For Our Future” Foundation and at this stage there is no external funding.

Speaker Registration Form

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